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Marketing Engineer

Marketing Engineer

Industrial Sales Corporation

Industrial Products , Marketing

Kolkata,West Bengal Post Date Oct, 08 2019 Age Range 28 To 35 Annual CTC ( 2 - 4 Lacs ) ( Experience: 2-4 Years )


Marketing Engineer – Having minimum 2 years’ experience, Diploma / degree in Electrical / Electronics / Instrumentation, Within 28 to 35 years, Male


  • MBA/BE - Diploma / degree in Electrical / Electronics / Instrumentation

Job Description

  • Hold Instructional Demonstrations Since marketing engineers know the technical aspects of the products, they hold instructional demonstrations for other team members to show how the product works. These presentations typically translate technical information into layman’s terms so everyone can understand the technical benefits of the product. Support Sales and Marketing Efforts Marketing engineers support sales and marketing efforts in whatever way possible. This often involves travel to conferences and external sales calls. Marketing engineers may also help formulate marketing campaign strategies. Create Technical Documentation Technical documentation like white papers, troubleshooting guides, and design guides are crucial to the continued success of a product for both internal team members and external clients. Marketing engineers write these types of documentation in conjunction with technical writers. Train Marketing Staff Since marketing engineers have a deep understanding of the technical aspects of the product and can translate them into common terms for clients, they are often involved in the training of new marketing staff. This training may take place several times as new employees join the team or as new products are released. Research Competitor Products Marketing engineers are responsible for researching information about competing products, both technical and marketing. As they research these topics, they report their findings to marketing directors and managers.
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