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Facility Manager

Facility Manager

Infinity Infotech Parks Ltd

Real Estate , Facility Management

Kolkata,West Bengal Post Date Aug, 20 2018 Age Range 26 To 35 Annual CTC ( 10 - 12 Lacs ) ( Experience: 5-10 Years )


Should posses the following key things Communication and influencing skills, in person and in writing Analytical and problem-solving skills Decision-making The ability to lead and manage teams and projects Teamworking Attention to detail but also the ability to see the implications for the bigger picture Commercial awareness Customer service


  • Any Graduate or Diploma Holder

Job Description

  • overseeing and agreeing contracts and providers for services including security, parking, cleaning, catering, technology and so on supervising multi-disciplinary teams of staff including cleaning, maintenance, grounds and security ensuring that basic facilities, such as water and heating, are well-maintained managing budgets and ensuring cost-effectiveness allocating and managing space between buildings ensuring that facilities meet government regulations and environmental, health and security standards advising businesses on increasing energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness overseeing building projects, renovations or refurbishments helping businesses to relocate to new offices and to make decisions about leasing drafting reports and making written recommendations
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