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Centre Manager

Centre Manager

Health Spring

Hospital , Marketing

Mumbai,Maharashtra Post Date Oct, 24 2018 Age Range 27 To 35 Annual CTC ( 3 - 6 Lacs ) ( Experience: 3-6 Years )


Centre manager-Pune


  • MBA-Hospital Management

Job Description

  • 1. CUSTOMER SERVICE To deliver excellent customer experience that is being empathetic, high-quality & always deliver the last mile. To constantly monitor the level of service quality at the center and devise strategy to improve any shortfalls. To plan and direct work of staff by assisting in establishing goals, performance standards, and objectives of each of the function at the Center. To carry out periodic review of their functioning, counseling and carry out motivational activities as required. To develop and maintain effective customer relationships to increase number of repeat customers. To monitor customer feedback related to service provided in the Center on a day-to-day basis acknowledge and take corrective action, wherever required. Also to put in place an effective grievance resolution procedure. To comprehensively deliver various health programs by coordinating across the team at the centre. 3. OPERATIONS To closely monitor and control petty cash expenses of the Center. Manage inventory usage and re-ordering at the Center effectively. To effectively handle all work-related issues of employees and Consultants in the Center, with a view to ensuring smooth and efficient functioning and maximizing output. To improvise and build systems and processes for effective functioning of the Center. To provide regular training inputs and organize feedback sessions. To ensure and enhance effective utilization of Information Technology with regards to the softwares used in the Center with an aim to enhance productivity and service quality of the Center. Adhere to Process compliance by timely submission of reports, Customer Follow up etc. 3. MARKETING To ensure effective implementation of various sales and marketing initiatives at the center. To constantly explore and develop newer avenues for revenue generation and growth. To closely guide and monitor in selling efforts of the sales/marketing staff in the center, which will be aimed at various customer segments such as corporate, banks, insurance companies, doctors, other healthcare facilities, etc. To create and nurture sales orientation amongst each and every centre employee and consultant. To review periodically the financial performance of the Clinic and take all steps necessary to enhance revenues and decrease costs without impacting service quality.
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