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Centre Manager

Centre Manager

Modicare Ltd.

FMCG , Business Development

New Delhi,Delhi Post Date Sep, 10 2019 Age Range 30 To 35 Annual CTC ( 5 - 10 Lacs ) ( Experience: 6-11 Years )


CENTER MANAGER – MUMBAI 6 - 11 Years Mumbai


  • 9.1 To be the regional SPOC and provide necessary data related to payroll information and CSO/ Packer MIS details on a monthly basis to HR/Admin 9.2 To ensure timely attendance updations of the team and approval in People Soft portal 9.3 To ensure timely appraisals of the team and regular performance feedbacks are given so as to monitor, guide and align the team to the departmental objectives 9.4 To closely coordinate with Regional accounts team and handle petty cash. Also maintain a tracker for the same which needs to be submitted to accounts on a fortnightly basis.

Job Description

  • 1. Center Branding, Display & Upkeep Ensure center upkeep ,ambience & basic hygiene levels maintained at the MSCs as per the Standard Operating Procedures of Company Arrange displays of posters , danglers and other point of sale materials announcing new products, schemes or events Responsible for timely opening & closing of the MSCs 2. Product sales, and related activities 2.1 Supervise across-the-counter and courier deliveries from the MSCs. 2.2 Try to liquidate slow moving stocks. 2.3 Organize events, schemes, product launches, at the centre as per directions from HO Proactively contribute to the success of the schemes, e.g by ensuring adequate stocks Give feedback on consultant responses , and information on progress of the scheme, to the deptts. (sales / mktg) Ensure that consultants visiting the center, get all clarifications and information, to encourage buying. 3. Billing & Cash handling 3.1 Supervise CSOs and ensure accuracy of consultant invoicing 3.2 Reconciliation of daily sales Reconciliation of Daily sales figures with cash received 3.3 Cash Handling Ensure proper cash handling is done by the CSOs and a record is maintained of the cash & cheque transactions done Safe custody of cash To monitor cash deposits by the CSOs and compliance as per accounts SOP guidelines To do a weekly audit of cash transactions done by the CSOs and ensure proper cash audits documentation and consultants bill management/proper storage, in all regions 4. Management of stocks To supervise stock storage and display To conduct weekly audit of stocks by coordinating & collating MIS from CSOs deployed at various MSCs on stock availability and shortages. To highlight damaged/ expired stocks and coordinate with operations team for stock replenishment wherever required at the MSCs. Report to be shared with Functional Head & RFCM on weekly basis. Product returns under 100% satisfaction guarantee. Ensure that the facility is not misused by consultants. Supervise the monthly stock taking at the Center & resolution of discrepancies Disposal of defectives and non moving stocks Proper documentation of damaged and returned stocks as per procedure Seek Regional Head, Customer Delight Head / Logistics intervention for re distribution of non moving items 5. Customer service 5.1 Relationship building, interaction with consultants during their visits to the Center Move around on the store floor, interact with visitors to get a feel of their perception of the service Share information, provide BV inputs, encourage consultants to move to next levels. 5.2 Quality of services Train and equip CSOs on soft skills and basic information ( about the opportunity, products, usage BVs etc ) Supervise the provision of courtesy across the counter service by all employees at the center 5.3 Provide information to consultants in response to queries pro actively, on new schemes, products, events, or BVs Ensure that all basic queries are answered to the satisfaction of consultants by CSOs or self Be up to date on information on related business information like new products, current schemes. Interact with HO Customer Delight team/ marketing for clarifications if needed. 5.4 Redressal of grievances Ensure proper issue resolution of the consultants, timely processing & delivery of products within the defined SLA, thereby leading to customer satisfaction. 6. Courier operations Oversee the execution of courier orders as per described procedure, within committed delivery time frames [ in case the courier operations are conducted from the MSCs ] Billing Packaging Handling over to courier company Accounting of transactions Responses to customer queries 7. Administrative functions 7.1 Manage employees and contract staff at the Center Handle / escalate employee related issues as required Oversee daily center operations & coordinate center activities thorugh assigned staff, prioritize and delegate work activities amongst CSOs Provide timely & necessary trainings to CSOs on Products, schemes/ promotions and grooming skills 7.2 Design process improvements such that consultants are serviced in shortest possible time . 7.3 Verify vendor bills 7.4 Ensure availability of training rooms & equipment for trainings being held at the Center 8. Reports/MIS Daily sales reports Updating the Regional Head and Customer Delight head on all the complaints received by maintaining the tracker & sharing the same Ensure uploads of daily transactions to HO
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