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Big Data Developer, SMTS

Big Data Developer, SMTS


IT-Software , Software Development - System Programming

Pune,Maharashtra Post Date Oct, 24 2018 Age Range 30 To 38 Annual CTC ( 4 - 6 Lacs ) ( Experience: 7-9 Years )


Develop next generation of cloud applications using analytics, big data, cloud services, rich user interfaces, APIs and data science as core components for Tibcos Connected Intelligence Cloud platform (CIC). Work as part of a dedicated, high-energy team to develop code that delivers high quality results and satisfaction. Working closely with product managers to design new product features. Ensure that our offerings meet client needs both in terms of features, performance and scalability. Work well in a small but high performing team with agile development approaches.


  • 5+ years of software development experience in building enterprise applications. Proficient experience in Java language skills such as generics, lambdas, streams, collections, Multithreading, etc. Good understanding of the overall Java platform and the JVM performance tuning. Hands on experience in using various Spring Framework modules including Spring Boot. Hands on experience building REST Services using any language or platform. Hands on experience in using publish-subscribe and point-point messaging systems. Hands on experience and/or thorough understanding of SQL and NoSQL concepts. Hands on experience or good understanding of source control and CICD tools such as Git, Apache Maven, Gradle and Jenkins. Experience or good understanding of container technologies such as Docker. Experience or exposure in one or more Big Data technologies such as Apache Hadoop, HBase, Spark, Avro, Parquet, etc. Hands on experience on linux based OS and shell scripting Experience or exposure in various cloud platforms. AWS will be a PLUS. Experience or exposure to one or more TIBCO products will be a PLUS. Experience or exposure to any reporting, BI or analytics tool will be a PLUS.

Job Description

  • Design, develop and test enterprise solutions and features for high volume and scalable architecture. Proactively learn new languages or frameworks, libraries, and platforms as needed. Contribute towards test automation, infrastructure development and test development. Manage individual projects priorities, deadlines and deliverables with your technical expertise and collaborate well with QA, product managers, project managers, documentation and other teams as required. Focus on customer satisfaction, which includes internal customers (other TIBCO products) and the actual end customers of those TIBCO products.
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